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Altis Life 5.3 and new Donator Levels

We are happy to announce the release of Altis Life 5.3. Besides new features we are also introducing new Donator Levels. There will be 3 additional Donator Levels resulting in 5 Donator Levels at all. The old Super Donator will become Donator Level 3. You can find more information about the new Donator Levels in our Donator Information. The donator rewards from the old levels will basically stay. The biggest change is the removal of the Donator Shops. Instead as a donator you will get a discount on all shops. The higher your Donator Level, the higher the discount. You might think that the prices are still higher than in the old Donator Shops but you now get the discount on every single shop in the game. Even on your garage and when buying a house!

With the new update Altis Life by BWG becomes fully persistent. All your gear will save now, including your virtual inventory!
We also added a little feature that is quite useful when flying in a helicopter. By pressing Shift + P you can put in ear plugs, what will reduce the sound effects. This will help you to understand your team mates in Teamspeak while flying a helicopter. Voice over Net will not be affected!
Another new feature is the Used Cars. You can sell your old vehicles there to get back 50% of the buying price. You need the vehicle keys to be able to sell it. Other players can visit the
Used Cars to buy vehicles, sold by other players for a cheaper price compared to the regular vehicle shops. (Note: You will get 75% for armoured vehicles, since they have been removed. You are allowed to drive with your armoured vehicle to the Used Cars.) Another new feature is the Chop Shop where you illegally can break down a vehicle into parts. You do not need the vehicle keys to be able to chop it up. These parts can then be sold at the Black Market. 


  • Added: Saving of virtual inventory
  • Added: Ear Plugs (Shift + P)
  • Added: New donator levels
  • Added: Discount on all shops for donators
  • Added Used Cars: you can sell your vehicles to get your money back (you get 50% of the buying price, 75% for armoured vehicles)
  • Added Chop Shop: break down a vehicle into illegal parts.
  • Added Locksmiths: When you lockpick a vehicle you won't get the keys, the vehicle only gets unlocked. To get the keys you have to visit the locksmiths to get keys for the vehicle
  • Added Service Truck License: this will allow you to buy a Service Truck and to tow other vehicles. You can also check in at the service shop which gives you the map location of all vehicles the police has clamped.
  • Added: Medic Hellcat
  • Changed: You only take over one shop instead of all 3 (Territory Control)
  • Changed: All players can access the Territory Control Shops
  • Changed: Cops get the money of paid tickets
  • Changed: We split up some of the shops. There are now special shops (e.g. a Hunting Store...)
  • Fixed: Sometimes spiked vehicles couldn't be repaired
  • Fixed: Wanted List not syncing correctly (HUD)
  • Fixed: Removed fog (has already been rolled out)
  • Fixed: Tazer and Flashbang sometimes healed a player

We hope you enjoy the new update!

Your Dev-Team

Dopefish SuperDonator Known bug: if you use the service truck detach any vehicle you're towing before parking it or impounding it at the servi ...
Joe Green Donator Good work guys!
[HS] Elvis SuperDonator good work guys

Altis Life 5.2.2

Joe a posted Nov 8, 14

Altis Life 5.2.2

Adding DLC Helicopters

Will be released on the midnight server restart (00:00 GMT)

This is just a small update adding the new DLC helicopters:

  • Added Mi-290 Taru (Bench) to Cop, Civ, Donator and Rebel shops
  • Added Mi-290 Taru (Medical) to Medic shop
  • Added CH-67 Huron to Cop, Civ and Donator shops

[HS] Curtis Joe are you going to add the new boats?
xStinger x Joe, there is a few servers which have made it so you can press TAB and get in without the DLC needed, still being able ...
Dominator SuperDonator Prices?

We are glad to announce the release of our new donation system. It will process your donations immediately. That means you will get your Donator Level in-game instantly after donating (unless your payment isn't pending for some reason). All you have to do is to relog if you are already on our server.

There are two main advantages over the old system. First of all you don't have to contact an admin and wait until you get your Donator Level. Secondly we can keep track of your donations now, what allows the new system to automatically raise your Donator Level in case you donate again at a later date.

If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us.

Your Admins

Chapman SuperDonator I guess it would make it easier for the mod/server admin that gives you tags. They would just be ale to check your forum ...
TikTak SuperDonator Will it give you TS tags in the future?
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