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Altis Life 5.2.1

Joe a posted Sat at 17:07

Altis Life 5.2.1
(Bugfix Update)

New features

  • Removed fog completely
  • Hemtt service truck added
  • Offroad service truck can now only tow small vehicles
  • Service Truck got reduced trunk space
  • Old rebel cloths added back
  • Gang shops slightly adjusted (time, cool down and marker)
  • Removed .408 and 12.7 cals and armor piercing rounds
  • Fixed duping of grenades on relog

Bug fixes

  • Vehicle lights do not show for passengers
  • Pull over does not work for passengers
  • Cannot service helicopters
  • Added back sound to player messages and bank robbery
  • Cannot search house inventories
  • Virtual items do not store at houses
  • Throw able items still duplicates on respawn
  • Vehicles with default textures throws a script error and cannot be parked
  • Prevent interruption on first action execute
  • Spike striped vehicles is now repairable without damage them more

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Outcast We getting any comp for 50 cals we currently have ?
Rick Grimes {xStinger} Donatoro bye bye 50. cals.. I guess MK18's are going to sell for alot more now?? Well at least the admins are doing a good job of ...

Release of Altis Life 5.2

Joe a posted Oct 11, 14

Altis Life 5.2

New Features

  • Territory Control System (Gangs can take over special shops and will receive a percentage cut of the buying price when other players buy anything)
  • Removed heavy guns from Gang and Donator Shops (available at the new territory control shops now)
  • Lights added to service truck (Tab Menu or Alt-F)
  • Service truck can now drag other vehicles
  • Removed fog
  • New service truck shop north of Pyrgos
  • Civilians can now drag people out of unlocked cars
  • Rebel IED (similar to Spike Strips)
  • Civ truck shop can now choose skin if available
  • Donator truck shop added, same a normal but with a few more skins
  • Added progress bar to most actions
  • Medic markers now turns black if body is being dragged
  • Removed Weather
  • Rebel base, drug dealer and black market is moved
  • Gangbase shops are now only available to the gangs that spawn there
  • Gang shop is removed from illegal processing
  • Another gun store added
  • Trader city is moved and renamed to trader beach
  • Purchasing houses in rebel city is now restricted to rebels only
  • Dropped items now group up if the same item is already dropped nearby
  • Vehicle turn signal added for normal cars. Use Q and E.
  • New police pull over sound and sirens CTRL-F

Bug Fixes

  • Several issues with storage containers (complete rework of server backend)
  • You can now drag zip tied players out of cars
  • Fixed a few bugged animations
  • Fuel truck can now be painted and skinned
  • Items missing in whitelisted gang shop added

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Back to old Teamspeak Server

Joe a posted Oct 10, 14

Our regular Teamspeak Server is back online:

Thanks for your patience guys!

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