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We will miss you

Lictor a posted Jan 13, 15

To everyone at Blackwing Gaming,

today we have lost one of the most respected and most important members of our community. We have been contacted today, that Relentl3ss, one of the founders, has passed away in a motorbike accident. He was a key member in our community and without him Blackwing Gaming wouldn't be where it is today. He founded the community with Sparky and me over two years ago and helped it growing; putting so much power and effort into it. Running this community was a full time job for him, it was his passion. We had ups and downs but he always stood with us.
But not only has he been an important part of this community, he was also a true friend to many of us. Therefore we asked some of our long time community members to write down some personal words. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

We decided to give £1,000 of the donations + all donations received until January 16th to his mum to help out with the funeral. We think that this is in the sense of the community. We set up a thread in which you can leave some personal words. Sparky and some other community members will fly over to the funeral and will take a copy of this thread and hand it over to L3ss family.

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them,
but you know they're always there.

"A personal message from sparky, less is my best friend and has been with me every step of the way. He is my friend, my best man and always been there with me until the end. I will miss him dearly and I still don't know when to stop thinking this is a joke. He really was the best guy that you could meet. I miss him already, he was my brother and I wish I was there for him.....", Sparky.

"L3ss, it has been a crazy time with you. Playing together, running this community, or just talking bullshit. I am happy that I had the chance to meet you. Like everybody else I still can't believe it and still hope that you come online telling us it was just a bad joke. Mate, I will miss you and will always keep you in my mind.", Joe.

"This is an incredible loss. Our thoughts are with his family and friends, many of whom will be reading this. Relentless was a big part of my life this year as with many other members of our community. Certain people touch your life, and he was certainly one of them. I count myself very lucky to have known him, he was an amazing person who will be greatly missed.", Archangel.

"I have known l3ss for just over a year and I am all the better for knowing him, he was the life and sole of the community. I will always remember quick his sense of humour as demonstrated in his post. He was just as big in real life as he was on the servers. He will be sadly missed,
my thoughts go to his family and friends may he always be remembered.
Deepest Sympathy Zaplin"

"I don't know where to start with this im not going to lie to anyone my mind is blank so im going to give it my best shot. When i first heard the news of this i thought it was a joke honestly , then i soon realized it was the truth, i muted my teamspeak and just sat there and cried i didnt know you in person l3ss but you have been such an insperation to me and many others when times was hard for me on here you kept me coming back. The late nights we had till 3 - 4 am talking absolute random bull shit, the crazy songs you would send me which ill be honest i had no fucking interest in that music but it made me laugh everytime. The most fustrating thing which gets me the most is people who are not part of an online community like this would not understand because they didn't know you in person, You was my family and forever will be part of my family. I will never forget you l3ss and im sure if you are reading this now you would be saying "fuck up" haha you best get a TS ready up there for all us lot when we join you mate. R.I.P L3ss forever a brother and family member.", Solorun.

"Less was a great guy, Im not sure what to say becuase its hard to take in that he is gone. Less was always happy to help, when I first joined the community, He was the first founder that I spoke to and he was always willing to help out even thought there was so much going on in the server. All of this means that I Have tons of respect for him and I always will have, it wont be the same without him.", Sir Llama.

"Rentl3ss was the best person to chat with in your in a bad mode or in agony and he make ur day alot much more better when ur in need. I loved him with all my heart but i wish i could tell it to him in to his face. L3ss was everything a great person and lovely one too and he treats everyone the same and he helps when ur in trouble and backs up. I had a great times with l3ss and i will be remembering it for my rest of my life till death and beyond. If u see this l3ss we love u and i hope ur in a better place than here and u have my respect the most.", Knight.

"L3ss has been a great mate to me for a very long time and I find it really hard to comprehend he is gone but he is truly a guy you will only ever meet once in your life he could make every one in TS smile just by saying one word, He has helped me with so much in life and was a gift to this world, He will never be replaced and he will be missed by so many people. Thank you L3ss for all the laughs and for being there for when ever I needed, one amazing, great, fantastic and kind guy who will be sorely missed.", ChaosSilenced.

"Well what can i say.. I'm utterly devastated at the news, I had the opportunity to meet less in person and had to turn it down to which I will never have the chance again. Such a kind hearted soul taken to early, rest in peace my brother x", Dean.

AstorH SuperDonator Great guy, was always fun and nice to play with him. the best ones leaves first. Rest in peace.
Niels Donator Rest in peace! :'(
ian Wanted to come by and pay my respect. I haven't play on the server in a while and just found out. Any interaction with ...

Altis Life 5.3.1

Lictor a posted Dec 8, 14

Altis Life 5.3.1

The big update will be delayed for a short period. We added a few new features, changes and bug fixes for you to enjoy while you wait for the big one. Credits for the whole update go to Dopefish! We are really glad to have you in our Dev Team!

Note: The same rules as for lethal weapons apply to Rubber Bullets! You are not allowed to shoot people without initiating!

Rubber Bullets:
  • All tracer magazines are now rubber bullets
  • Rubber Bullets will knock down a player and give them a black screen for 5 seconds
  • There is no range restriction on rubber bullets
  • Tracer magazines are not a donator only item any more
  • Tracer magazines only hold 15 bullets
  • Rubber Bullets is single shoot/there is a reload animation between shots
  • Hitting a player that drives a quad or go-cart with a rubber bullet will eject the player from the vehicle if driving at a slow speed
  • Rubber bullets does no damage to vehicles

  • 5.56 tracer magazines added to hunting and police store
  • Tracer round magazine prices slightly lowered
  • Zip Ties work instant if immobilized by rubber bullets or surrendered
  • Zip Ties can be used on none immobilized players but it takes some time
  • Zip Ties added to normal Market
  • Zip Ties are no longer illegal
  • Zip Ties price lowered to $5000
  • Shift+R added as a shortcut key for civilians to zip tie
  • Tazing a player in a go-cart will eject the player
  • Service Trucks can no longer impound vehicles if the owner is near
  • The time to attach and detach vehicles to service trucks have been halved
  • Added safe zone around service truck shop
  • Service Truck license price increased to 200k
  • Huron price reduced to $4.000.000
  • Repairing a vehicle with a tool kit will only repair the wheels

Bug fixes:
  • Flash bang should no longer kill players in some situations
  • Service Trucks should now be able to impound or garage the attached vehicle without first detaching
  • Unlocking house storage should now give access to it for other players
  • Huron can now the purchased by civilians or police
  • Carry weight counter was set at zero on joining even though the player had virtual items save

Your Dev Team

TheFlyingNose I think u should add self storage for like items and stuff. A bit like an atm for items.
Hendrix Can we do that thing that cops do, where they are allowed to shout apd and then taze, or does it have to be full on if t ...
TrueFlame Donator Gj lads, really appreciate your hard work. ...

Altis Life 5.3 and new Donator Levels

We are happy to announce the release of Altis Life 5.3. Besides new features we are also introducing new Donator Levels. There will be 3 additional Donator Levels resulting in 5 Donator Levels at all. The old Super Donator will become Donator Level 3. You can find more information about the new Donator Levels in our Donator Information. The donator rewards from the old levels will basically stay. The biggest change is the removal of the Donator Shops. Instead as a donator you will get a discount on all shops. The higher your Donator Level, the higher the discount. You might think that the prices are still higher than in the old Donator Shops but you now get the discount on every single shop in the game. Even on your garage and when buying a house!

With the new update Altis Life by BWG becomes fully persistent. All your gear will save now, including your virtual inventory!
We also added a little feature that is quite useful when flying in a helicopter. By pressing Shift + P you can put in ear plugs, what will reduce the sound effects. This will help you to understand your team mates in Teamspeak while flying a helicopter. Voice over Net will not be affected!
Another new feature is the Used Cars. You can sell your old vehicles there to get back 50% of the buying price. You need the vehicle keys to be able to sell it. Other players can visit the
Used Cars to buy vehicles, sold by other players for a cheaper price compared to the regular vehicle shops. (Note: You will get 75% for armoured vehicles, since they have been removed. You are allowed to drive with your armoured vehicle to the Used Cars.) Another new feature is the Chop Shop where you illegally can break down a vehicle into parts. You do not need the vehicle keys to be able to chop it up. These parts can then be sold at the Black Market. 


  • Added: Saving of virtual inventory
  • Added: Ear Plugs (Shift + P)
  • Added: New donator levels
  • Added: Discount on all shops for donators
  • Added Used Cars: you can sell your vehicles to get your money back (you get 50% of the buying price, 75% for armoured vehicles)
  • Added Chop Shop: break down a vehicle into illegal parts.
  • Added Locksmiths: When you lockpick a vehicle you won't get the keys, the vehicle only gets unlocked. To get the keys you have to visit the locksmiths to get keys for the vehicle
  • Added Service Truck License: this will allow you to buy a Service Truck and to tow other vehicles. You can also check in at the service shop which gives you the map location of all vehicles the police has clamped.
  • Added: Medic Hellcat
  • Changed: You only take over one shop instead of all 3 (Territory Control)
  • Changed: All players can access the Territory Control Shops
  • Changed: Cops get the money of paid tickets
  • Changed: We split up some of the shops. There are now special shops (e.g. a Hunting Store...)
  • Fixed: Sometimes spiked vehicles couldn't be repaired
  • Fixed: Wanted List not syncing correctly (HUD)
  • Fixed: Removed fog (has already been rolled out)
  • Fixed: Tazer and Flashbang sometimes healed a player

We hope you enjoy the new update!

Your Dev-Team

[HS] Big Chris (Capt) SuperDonator So wouldn't like to throw a spanner in the works here but I was a Super Donator that cost me $30 of my hard earned cash ...
[FTO] Taylor Donator Love the changes =DDDDD
Dopefish SuperDonator Known bug: if you use the service truck detach any vehicle you're towing before parking it or impounding it at the servi ...
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