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Relentl3ss a posted 16 hours ago
New rule regarding the Jail

  • You MUST not glitch or bug out of jail
  • The Kajman (heli) is banned from jail breaking people, because cops can't shoot it down

Not following these rules will have the same punishment as breaking server rules.

Effective immediately.
PastaLulz Donator How much trunk space does the kajman have?
Jay Owen LOL, So lower down the price to 1mil
Relentl3ss a Simple this is..... i was standing inside the jail when the AVF came in to get their guy out..... i put 7 clips 7.62 int ...

Announcing Altis Life 5.0

Joe a posted Jul 20, 14
Citizens of Altis,

it has been a while since we released our last big update. In the last time we only improved server performance and infrastructure, but unfortunately I had no time to develop new features for Altis Life.

Hence I am very happy to announce that we will release a big update soon. The most important feature of this update will be 'Housing'. You will be able to buy houses all over the map. You can use your house as a spawn point. Bigger house will have a garage to save your vehicles. Furthermore you will be able to upgrade your house with storage containers. You can use these containers to store your gear (weapons, ammunition, toolkits....) and your virtual items (like apples, salt, pickaxes, everything from your y-inventory). When you leave your home you can lock your house and your storage to prevent other players from stealing your stuff.
If you leave the server your house and its storage will be saved to the Hive. When you return the next time, you will find your house with all your gear.

The housing will add a new end-game feature since the houses will be very expensive. You can buy different types of houses, which will vary in price, size and amount of storage you can add.

Of course we will integrate all existing super donator houses in the new housing system, which means that you will have all features available at your donator house.

The housing will also add some new tasks for the police. Cops will be able to search a house (of course only if there is a strong suspicion) and to raid a house. Criminals won't be able to hide in their houses for long.

We will setup a public beta server soon to test the new features. Please be patient, we will let you know when the beta server is online.

Please refer to this post for more information and FAQ!

Your Admins

Joe a ...
sergtheboss112 I mean yeah you shouldn't in the House Storage but i mean Generally the player Equipment so basically when the update co ...
Relentl3ss a @Serg7867 no you shouldn't @Matt: it shouldn't affect the lag to much, more information will be made public about the d ...


Relentl3ss a posted Jul 7, 14
When scripters come into the server and do there childish acts please get proof of what you had  saying that i know its hard to get proof but good programs are out there like shadow play - that assist you in getting proof of what you had.

Few words of advice if you think something isn't right screen shot you're gear and keychain - + Y menu of the cash you have in you're hand..... if nothing happens then all is fine but if it does then you will most likely get some comp if something does in fact happen 15 mins down the line....
[HS] Hitt0r SuperDonator ...
Darkstylo If you have NVIDIA use Shadowplay to record up to the last 20 minutes of gameplay only available for GTX 700-serie or hi ...
Taqlor x Yeah Thug I use OBS to stream and record everytime I play, it makes comp so much easier and loose barely any FPS. Stream ...

Gang Bases

Relentl3ss a posted Jun 23, 14
Well here it is GANG BASES are back........

update post

More information will be added to the post when i have it..... some information on that post may change due to changing ideas
Zed The Zombie x Glad to see them coming back ...
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