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Altis Life 5.0.1 Hotfix Update

Joe a posted Thu at 0:56

The GUI problems have been fixed. Buttons and ATM should be working now. The hotfix was rolled out on 12 am restart.

Josh25 Joe's always there to save the day:D

Thanks to Joe for bringing these features to our server, Angel for the skins and cleaning the map up and a thankyou to all those that have helped test.

You can find all the changes in the Changelog. Furthermore we created a Housing Tutorial & FAQ answering general questions about the housing.

Your Founders

the bossiantor how do you start playing? do you have to buy it?
sweice Is it possible to obtain the .paa files for the Swedish police uniforms and vehicles??
Spencer454 i cant wait to play,on holiday atm so yeah
The new help and donation section is now live and easy to access, you will find this at the top right beside applications... ( the old one has now been removed )

anyways ofc use this for any and all questions.

thank you and as always have fun out there.


Relentl3ss a posted Jul 29, 14
New rule regarding the Jail

  • You MUST not glitch or bug out of jail
  • The Kajman (heli) is banned from jail breaking people, because cops can't shoot it down

Not following these rules will have the same punishment as breaking server rules.

Effective immediately.
[BWC] DracG2 SuperDonator could just make it a rule that the gunboat is only allowed for preventing jail breaks
NudeNinja how long untill you will have a gunboat out all the time shooting down helis for stupid reasons?? because you know some ...
[BWC] Reznor Donator +1 on the gunboats.
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