Altis Life 5.1.1

Joe a posted Sun at 16:17

Altis Life 5.1.1


  • Sidechat added back into game
  • Rebel island is no more
  • Spikestrips are illegal
  • Added new textures for donators (Quad, Offroad, Orca)
  • Added new textures for donators at Kri's Modshop (Boxer Truck, Zamak)
  • Donators can now buy civ vehicles at their house as well
  • All vehicles can be modded at Kri's Modshop except Tempest which is bugged in ArmA
  • Fatigue was adjusted
  • Diveshop added to Trader City
  • Garage now shows vehicle color
  • Tab key opens and closes the action menu
  • Cops can now search and take spike strips from civilians/vehicles
  • Shift+C shortcut has been added to Collect/Catch/Gather
  • Gangbase shops can only be accessed by players that spawn there
  • Cops can now pick up spike strips
  • Normal gangbase items added to whitelisted gangbase shop


  • Take/Give for immobilized players fixed
  • Rob shops fixed
  • Blocked throw grenade while immobilized
  • Black kajman has storage space again
  • House garage fixed
  • Buying flashbangs fixed

Dopefish SuperDonator Placing house storage is still bugged; so wait a little until we've sorted it..